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Can Rihanna and Chris Brown save their careers?
Her and Jay-Z's collaboration "Umbrella" was nominated for best record last year and it won best rap song collaboration. Now, if she dumps Chris Brown and ...

Chris Brown Enters No Plea In Rihanna Assault Case, Arraignment ...
As the Brown/Rihanna case enters the legal system, Ghostface Killah has penned a song in support of the Barbadian singer. In 'Message From Ghost,' via XXL, ...

Sideshow: Coolio arrested at LAX on crack charges says Chris Brown issued a plea to the public on Thursday, the day he was charged with assaulting Rihanna. Brown wasn't asking for forgiveness ...

Chris Brown-Rihanna Drama Strikes Chord in Kansas
But while Wichita's Channel 963 FM is updating listeners on the case, it has stopped playing Chris Brown songs because of the alleged violence. ...

Michael Jackson announces comeback concert; Singer Jewel replaced ...
Chris Brown has been charged with two felonies, including assault likely to cause bodily injury and making criminal threats, according to court documents ...

Chris Brown appears in court on felony charges
Chris Brown briefly appeared in court, hours after he was charged with two felonies stemming from what a police detective describes as a brutal argument between the singer and his girlfriend, Rihanna.

Chris Brown appears in court on felony charges
Chris Brown briefly appeared in court Thursday, hours after he was charged with two felonies stemming from what a police detective describes as a brutal argument between the singer and his girlfriend, Rihanna.

Quick Hits: Chris Brown, Katy Perry, Guns N' Roses, Jimmy Eat World, Diddy, Tom Morello, Queensryche, Pet Shop Boys
Chris Brown appeared in Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday, March 5, but did not enter a plea on the two felony counts of assault and making criminal threats stemming from his alleged fight with girlfriend Rihanna on February 8. At the request of attorney Mark Geragos , Brown was granted a continuance in the case and his arraignment has been pushed back until April 6, according to MTV News . ...

Chris Brown and Rihanna: a lesson for teens
The stars' painful drama can start a vital discussion about anger and violence. For weeks, as rumors flew and details trickled out, I struggled to find a lesson to share in the violent incident/altercation/lover's quarrel -- even the media didn't know what to call it -- between teen music idols Chris Brown and Rihanna.

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